The conference hall of “Hotel Ruffirio can host events and mixed events, responding to every need of organization.

Professional, efficient and high technology are the details that best summarizes the features of the Congress Hall.

Ruffiro is a real Business Hotel and it’s equipped with a large parking which can accommodate over 100 cars.

Technical equipment of the convention hall:

> 350 seats
> sound amplification;
> microphones fixed to the chair and microphone;
> projection screen, overhead projector and video;
> wi-fi;

The restaurant Ruffirio Hotel is the ideal environment for business breakfasts, lunches and dinners for groups, banquets and receptions.

Culinary specialties are varied with menù fast food prepared with fresh and light to allow a perfect return to work.

Set a meeting. Along the menù choose more suitable than the guests, the season … and the Budget.

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