Local products

Truffle Molise is always considered a true treasure trove for the collection of precious white and black truffle.

Cheeses of Molise Mozzarella, torn, braids, scamorze, ricotta, burrini, caciocavalli and pecorino, the strengths of our family-run dairies. And yet still a strong tradition of Molise pastors in processing dairy products.

Oil Molise Oil Molise has the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), which ensures a high standard of quality from harvesting olives until the finished product. Used for seasoning soups and bean soups, such as chickpeas, fava beans, as well as to season vegetables fish and meat. Used either cooked or raw (for example on bread with a pinch of salt), crazy even the palates of the most demanding.

Salami Molise The sausages are made with the best Molise meat from animals raised in the area, left to graze freely among the green fields of Molise.

Wines Molise The success of Molise wines are the great experience and passion of our winemakers and, of course, a product first, grapes, absolutely excellent. The first crop of lives in Molise back to fifth century. BC When the Romans conquered the Old Sannio.

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