Sports and nature

> Monti del Matese – Campitello Matese: only 30 minutes from the Hotel Mont Ruffirio Miletto to 2050 meters with the resort, ideal for winter sports. In summer hiking and horseback riding, caving and paragliding. (Http://

>Guardiaregia – WWF: only 15 minutes from one of the Oasis Hotel Ruffirio largest and wildest in the WWF management. The environment of mountains and forests with spectacular karst phenomena such as the canyon of the river Quirino, the waterfall of St. Nicholas (total jump of 100m.) And the caves of Pozzo della Neve (depth – 1048 m) and Cul Bove ( depth – 913 m.) are among the lowest depths of Europe. (Http://

> Reserve Montedimezzo – San Pietro Avellana – Vastogirardi (IS) only 45 minutes from La Ruffirio Natural Reserve of Montedimezzo as Abetina Collemeluccio, is now an inalienable right of the State. protected by UNESCO. (Http://

> Prato Gentile – Capracotta: just 45 minutes from Ruffirio Hotel Prato Gentile (m. 1573), the slopes of Mount Field, are located facilities for skiing trails. The track “Mario Di Nucci, approved by the Italian Winter Sports Federation and location, among other things, the Absolute Cross Country Skiing Championships in 1997, students of the Absolutes of 2000 and the Continental Cup 2004si svilutppa through a beautiful beech forest and fir for the length of about 15 km distance with three rings, two of which for competitive practice and one for the tourist and the heating of the athletes. Places to visit in summer for spectacular walks in the high Molise. (Http://

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